Game Classy 62: The Obligatory 7th Ed. Discussion

By Polar_Bear
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May 26th, 2014

Game Classy has posted episode 62 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.



In this episode:

Yeah, the boys talk about the new 7th ed. rulebook. Also in better news, Joe and Steve talk about The Dust Kickstarter, The Hex v Magic lawsuit, and getting excited about the new edition of Dungeons and Dragons. All this and Joe apologizing for having a “flip the table” moment.

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  • Haibane

    Hopefully the Hex-based news will continue for at least two more eps so that we can hear the Game Classy versions of ‘Hexual Ceiling’ by Marvin Gaye & ‘Hexbomb’ by Tom Jones (‘Post Break-up Hex’ by the Vaccines is probably too contemporary…)

  • Gameclassy

    We’re bringing Hexy back

    • Boo! Get off the stage! 😛

      • Gameclassy

        I’ll never apologize for punnery