Game Classy 61: Unbound and UNCHAINED!!!!

Game Classy has posed episode 61 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.



In this episode:

In the Grimdark future there is only GAME CLASSY!!! This is a 7th ed rumors episode, but the boys also talk about Marvel Dice, Transylvania, March of the Ants, and Hex. All this plus singing and dancing.

  • cannondaddy

    Not only were the spearshafts painted red but they would have been about five inches in diameter if scaled up.

    • Gameclassy

      5 inch diameter spearshaft something something penis joke

  • Gallant

    I did appreciate them taking a bit to talk about 7th Ed. even if the criticism may be a bit premature. Unbound may be a total mess, but there’s that slim chance that it turns out to breathe a little life into a really stale game. That said, they were really kind to 6th.

    Also, Steve channels KatanaGuy again. I don’t remember Steve being in my first D&D group back in the 90s where KatanaGuy would spend hours after each session trying to explain to all of us that the katana with correct stats would totally be a game-breaker. Effin’ virgins who can’t drive.

    • Gameclassy

      Steve secretly is katana guy, but he disguises it with sarcasm and scorn

    • KatanaGuy

      The incomparable cutting power of the katana blade can only fairly be represented by 4 D30s. This Shogun’s blade shines brightly with the immaculate sheen of justice!

  • Goregrimm

    Katana Guy is f’n Hilarious! I really feel sorry for anyone too uptight to enjoy this podcast. While enjoying this podcast my wife asked me, “How can you listen to that?”. Keep up the good work, guys.

    • Gameclassy

      to be fair, i don’t listen either

      • Me, either. But then again, I don’t listen to any podcasts, really.

        • Gameclassy

          nope you shouldn’t either, our new format will be only wild west exodus battlereports

          • Not exclusively coverage of Killpower Ball?

  • 4 Helldrakes were not enough apparently.

    • Gameclassy

      the 41st millennium needs more robo-turkeys

  • KelRiever

    Phew! Got 5th ed 40k for 50% off when a store closed. Sits on my bookshelf.

    Have not one 6th edition rulebook of any kind.

    Will pass on 7th. Otherwise known as the ‘Make up your own rules! Pay $75+ for a rulebook with old art! Or $80 in e-book form! Plus $200 of more art books every month’ edition!

    I clearly am not a good enough fan to be part of the fun of Games Workshop.

    • Soulfinger

      I haven’t bought a rulebook since 2nd. That’s the nice thing about everyone else owning a copy. I can also claim ignorance of the rules when I lose.

      • KelRiever

        Shame on you Souly. It is like you are stealing from the company.

        L2tournament! Otherwise you aren’t supporting the hobby! 😛

        • Soulfinger

          Do you remember Brewster’s Millions? There is the shtick in it where he hires an interior designer and has her perpetually redesigning the same space with her pitching stuff like Mesopotamia meets Busby Berkeley. Every time she finishes, he has her start from scratch. Then there is this scene at the end of the movie, where he has just spent the last of his money and steps in to view the latest incarnation of the room. He looks around and says, “This is a room I could die in,” and she calls in the movers to repossess everything. “Too bad you don’t have the dough to keep it.”

          That’s 40k for me when it comes to buying a rulebook.

  • Sisyphus

    In a Ben Kenobi voice…

    “Wait for the torrent… wait for the torrent…”