Game Classy 57: “Game Assy”

Game Classy has posted episode 57 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.


In this episode:

Joe and Steve leave their buttcracks hanging in the wind as they give their uninformed opinoins on the latest Magic:The Gathering controversy. The boys also discuss Bar brawlin’ minis, Shadows of Esteren, Robotech’s fan’s latest complaints, Arcadia Quest, and Dwarven Forge’s latest Kickstarter. All this and Joe’s state of Chicagoland gaming review.

  • lilljonas

    Is there a way to cancel my subscription? There is not nearly enough poker in this episode. B++ would listen again.

  • Gameclassy

    You can take your viewership (listenership?) elsewhere sir. We don’t need your poker loving kind.

  • papasmrf667

    haha the only podcast that spawns comments among the anti social.

    Listening to Joe and Steve makes me feel like I’m bullshitting at an FLGS.

    I never make it to the local game store and when I do there are creepy gamer folks, thanks game classy for filling a niche. All of the gamey goodness with none of the awkward conversation and ass cracks,

    • nighthaunter666

      It was mostly about ass cracks.

  • parrot1500

    This was a hilarious episode which actually talked about GAMING. And the gaming world. And it was dead secksy. And hilarious. Listening to these guys reminds me of the best damn gaming times of my life, and I appreciate it. If they would stop talking about how awesome Malifaux is, I’d have to change my pants every ten minutes….that’s six times a podcast.

  • Gameclassy

    If we actually talked about gaming we apologize fully. It wont happen again.