Game Classy 54 is online

By Polar_Bear
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Feb 4th, 2014

Game Classy has posted episode 54 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.


In this episode:

Joe and Steve get all up in the Torn Armor/Defiance debacle and try to make sense of the wtf-ness of that situation. Our heroes also make it through a string of new releases including Avatars of War and Sails of Glory.The two also cover Kickstarter’s Tiny Epic Kingdoms. They finally round the cast with Steve going on a way too long diatribe about Eurogames. All this and they announce the winner of the Titan Forge contest AND announce a new Red Box Games contest!

To win some super duper sweet Red Box Games Miniatures just comment on your favorite (or least favorite) Game Classy bit is right here on Table Top Gaming news (On this very post!!!). Winner will be chosen at the hosts Leisure.

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  • Witcho

    Game Classy, the highlight of the week and funniest podcast in nerd town. Neck beards, go !

  • DaddyMassive

    My favourite ‘bit’ of the Game Classy Podcast is the anticipation I feel every second Sunday waiting for the podcast to be posted.

    My least favourite ‘bit’ WOULD be the repeated disappointment I feel every time I then listen to yet another hour of uninformative gaming dross, singing and willy jokes, but I’m still hurting for having my insights into Centaur genitalia ham fist-idly appropriated by Steve without giving me a writing credit.

    I’m kidding of course. Most entertaining gaming cast there is.
    Joe is rather anti English though, but I suppose I don’t do much to help his prejudice 😀

    • Gallant

      In all fairness, Joe only dislikes the English for their weak genetics and poor spelling. Sorry, I meant poour spellinge.

      • DaddyMassive

        I’ll never fourgive him four saying all ouur cououking invoulves bouiled meats

        • Gallant

          You’re right, DM. I hauve pouinted ouut to them mauny times that the Engliush also boil vegetaubles.

  • cannondaddy

    The singing, most and least favorite.

  • Goregrimm

    If you are a fan of Warhammer 40K or Games Workshop in general then stop right now and go to iTunes and download every episode of Game Classy. Joe and Steve were chosen by the Emperor of Mankind to spread the word! For the Emprah!

    My favorite podcast after the Michigan Poker Hour.

    • Haibane

      Friends don’t let friends play Games Workshop.

      • Gallant

        Unless by “play Games Workshop” you mean “tap Tom Kirby’s wife”, in which case I fully support that action.

  • Sythica

    My favorite part is how this podcast represents how far our society has come in terms of accepting people that are different from the “norm”. I mean, seriously, who would have thought a few years ago that two male lifepartners could actually publicly display that natural ebb and flow of marital bickering without getting cast down (amongst the casuals)?

    In all honesty, this podcast is awesome, and reminds me of my friends.

    Ah crap, I have d*cks for friends.

    • Gallant

      I’m just glad that the state of Illinois has finally made it possible for them to celebrate their relationship within the bonds of marriage.

      On the other hand, I’m appreciate if they’d stop consumating it while recording the podcast, which has lately just become an hour of grunts and moans.

  • David T.

    My favorite part is the singing and when they talk about things that aren’t GW.

    My least favorite part is the GW talk, that company is already talked about so dang much in gaming podcasts. If I want to hear people making fun of/complaining about GW there are plenty of options already out there, plus it takes up valuable time that could be spent singing and/or making fun of the Gates of Antares miniatures.

  • GamePunk666

    I used to listen to many gaming podcasts. Now I listen to Two. Game CLassy and one that isn’t as good or as funny as Game Classy. Joe is insightful and sensitive. Steve is right most of the time; especially when he calls Joe out on his love of that Catan filth. Love them. Hate them. Just listen to them. Suck it Michigan Poker Hour!

  • S.Helt

    Unpleasant and disagreeable in a sweet way.
    A favorite is the recurring visual references – allways nice in any audio. Uh, and the themed episodes. The new jingle no good, though.

  • Alex Dingle

    This podcast is great if you love listening to a couple of often misinformed Americans discuss their dislike for almost everything gaming related. Oh, and singing.


    Not for the win as it wouldn’t be fair for 2 prizes to come to the UK, (even if we did give you a country… and a language… and pretended we needed your help in WWII so you didn’t feel left out), but I wanted to comment to support the show.

    So many good bits from old shows, but my favourite* bit recently has to be the brilliant hobby advice… static grass for pubes is definitely worthy of a White Dwarf article. Can’t think of any bad bits… keep it up 🙂

    The irony that I make a comment about Yanks vs Brits and then Chrome tells me “favourite” is spelt wrong because I’ve put a U in it. God damn it.

  • Orlando_the_Technicoloured

    The best bit is your deep love for (as you put it) the Malifauxs

  • Twelvecarpileup

    Love this podcast! I hated Games Workshop before… but now I really hate them!

  • Gallant

    The podcast is not too bad. It’s no “Michigan Poker Hour”, but it’s pretty okie dokie. Could use more dickbutts, though. The MPH guys know what their audience likes and deliver lots of poker and dickbutts, demonstrating why they have the rabid fan base they do.

  • chopa

    When Chronopia comes back with a vengeance we can all blame these guys. Also the theme song from ep. 50.

  • Kanvass

    If you have ever sat down and just chilled in a gaming store for long periods of time, then you know more or less what to expect from this podcast. It’s pretty much just witty banter about games and the gaming industry, oh and occasionally Joe has a few things to say too.

    If you ever drew a picture of a dick where the general public can easily see it, purely because it amused you, then there is much to be enjoyed in any one of their episodes.

    Also… Eurogames suck.

  • madjackdeacon

    Great joke about This American Life. I actually did laugh out loud at Joe’s impression of Ira Glass.

    Kudos to Steven for including Max Fleischer in the animation geniuses.

    Twilight Imperium is the worst for Kingmaking/Kingbreaking. Eclipse is a pretty good example of a game that fights against the make or break syndrome.

    M.A.S.H. was set during the Korean War. Steve just is afraid of admitting he’s wrong about something.

  • fuzzyguy

    I think I’d have to agree with Orlando up above. I like to hear about “the Malifauxs”. I find the humour to informative ratio to be just about right as well.

    Furthermore, doing a Red Box minis give away is pretty rad. Supporting small companies and getting the word out about really nice minis from smaller companies always gets a thumbs up in my book.

  • mattl

    Exactly what a wargaming podcast should be.

    No Skype guests with crappy quality.

    People don’t talk over each other.

    Isn’t 6 hours long.

    Feels like a podcast and a conversation, not a failed attempt at being a local radio show.

    • Gallant

      I was going to say something snarky, but you just succinctly encapsulated everything that puts this show above all other gaming podcasts.

  • timlillig

    It seems like the comment section gets locked on every episode announcement here. Who couldn’t love that?

  • amoryburgess

    I love the 80’s sitcom musical segments…when reliving my childhood (ROBOTECH!!!!) it helps to have a soundtrack.

  • Conversion beamers dont kill people xenophobic tech priests kill people… with conversion beamers

    MICRO ARMOR … MICRO ARMOR… MICRO ARMOR… pico armor… pico armor

    • Gallant

      Dude, the real gamers play femtoarmor.

  • Richard Fingers hahahahahahahahahaha

  • Gameclassy

    Hey everyone thanks for commenting, we’ll wait until the next cast before we make our judgements. If you do like our humor, swing by our facebook page. It is a great way of commenting on gaming news and making dick jokes

  • gyg

    More of the usual nonsense from the greatest thing since the Michigan Poker Hour!
    Just enough anti GW vitriol to keep us from thinking the boys are mellowing in their advancing years.
    A little disappointed that us Brits only got a brief mention today (dads army rocks!), rather than the regular low-level insults.
    Nevertheless the best gaming (loosely speaking) podcast around.

    Keep up the good work.


  • ninja007

    Hey guys. Guys. GUYS.

    I have a killer idea for a new contest. You put the podcast up in an obscure file format. If an entrant can’t open it, they get $50,000.