Gale Force Nine previews new D&D Miniature

Gale Force 9 is previewing a new D&D Mini for their limited edition collection. This one’s Vasen Cale, half-shade Paladin.


From the preview:

Paladin Vasen Cale is doomed to straddle the worlds of light and shadow. While Loyal to the god of the sun, Amaunator, Vasen cannot deny his heritage as the son of Erevis Cale, shade assassin and Chosen of Mask, the god of shadows. The day has come when Vasen must assume his role in the Sundering. He knows not what that role will be, only what his father tells him in dreams: do not fail.

  • General Hobbs

    This is why DND miniature lines always fail. They don’t give the players what they want. Crazy character combos no one plays, bad poses etc.

  • KelRiever

    What the….

    …I don’t even know…

  • jedijon

    Yup, but they’re only failing 1500 at a time…

  • 4tonmantis

    The Vasen Cale guy doesn’t look horrible.. but that other guy is pretty dumb. It’s practically a commercial for Reaper’s Bones..

  • Ghool

    Say hello to 1991 all over again.

  • I dunno – I see several awesome uses for the guy on the right. In fact I need multiple copies 😀

    The guy to the right
    1) is quietly working his way through a lair full of sleeping creatures
    2) is politely opening a door, acting the gentleman
    3) about to take a bow
    4) is walking on a tightrope, newbishly balancing
    5) found his way to our century and just discovered the computer, cautiously handling the mouse…
    6) just shat himself – combined with a variation of #2 it could be the door to a portapotty. His expression is pure gold.

    I honestly love this figure!