Gale Force Nine Previews Frost Giant Model

By Polar_Bear
In Dungeons & Dragons
Sep 5th, 2016

Gale Force Nine has a preview up of a new model they’ve been working on that’s part of their Dungeons & Dragons line. Just as the cool mornings here are a preview of the cold to come, so is this preview of a Frost Giant a look at the icy death that is sure to come to your party (that sounded a lot cooler (no pun intended) in my head).

As you can see, “giant” certainly does work. I always wondered how you really fought those things in the game. I mean, your archer and wizard can lob arrows and fireballs at it, but your fighter’s basically just poking at its shins. Maybe the knee. Ah well, how you fight it will be up to you once it gets to your tabletops.


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  • crazytuco

    The musculature of that giant’s right arm looks REALLY odd to me.

    • crazytuco

      Just to clarify, it looks REALLY odd in the painted version. The unpainted picture it looks fine.

      • DB

        Same with the right thigh. The left upper arm has a gash on it as well. It looks more like a casting error or big gouge than an intentional “scar”.


      He has arm cleavage.

  • Ian Hunter

    The model seems to static for me.