Gale Force 9 taking pre-orders for D&D Collector’s Series sets

Gale Force 9 has started taking names of those of you that want their new D&D Collector’s Series sets as soon as they’re available. Be the first gamer on your block with these when they’re released.

From the announcement:

As many of you will have already heard, earlier this year we expanded our license agreement with Wizards of the Coast to include a new category Dungeons & Dragons Collector Series Miniatures. This premium range of models sculpted by some of the best names in the business and reproduced in the highest quality resin on the market is something never before done within the Dungeons & Dragons universe and we are very excited about what the future holds.

This range was conceived out of a desire to create the best miniatures in 30mm that D&D has ever seen utilising the enormous universe of material to pick and choose the best candidates to bring to life. This is not a range of basic characters but specialty themed sets and creatures that fit with the D&D release schedule to bring to life key moments from the mythos. We have drawn on the vast array of artwork and worked closely with the D&D creative team to choose and pose great models to stimulate the enthusiast, painter and collector alike.

  • AccessDenied

    Oooh, I like that worm. Nicely detailed, great paint job. The other figs look good, too, but the worm speaks to me. What’s that he’s saying? “Chomp, chomp, chomp, …”

  • The poses look great but the bases make them look a little dates.

    Can anyone tell if these are new sculpts (most likely) or are they recasts of any of the Chainmail/D&D prepainted minis?

    • dates should be “dated.”

  • airhead

    The sculpts seems to be new, and very nice.
    I hope they will be available in Europe as well.
    I am glad that they are made of resin and not pre-painted.

  • Bossk_Hogg

    Looks like all new sculpts. Wondering how overpriced they’ll be, as I do like the purple worm. I think the uvula is what sells it lol.

  • Dismembered

    Some cool looking models(not shocking but cool). but imho those prices are mental….;
    50 bucks for that warparty or the beholder…G9 ? were you inspired by GW’s pricefest by any chance? for 180 dollars you have those 4 boxes…180 dollars.
    And what really staggers me is that if you have to pay in euro’s , it’s 50 ! euro’s which is the same as = 65 bucks…

  • LegoRick

    These held my interest until I read, “Sold Unpainted”. That’s too bad. There are already enough unpainted miniatures, especially of these typical figures. What we really need are some top collector quality prepaints.

    • thetang22

      “Top collector quality PREpaints” don’t exist. If it’s pre-painted, it means it’s been made for mass-production, and therefore painting quality has been sacrificed for the sake of time and efficiency. Unfortunately, that’s just the way it is.

      If you want good quality painting on a mini, you have to learn to do it yourself, or pay a premium for someone talented to spend their time and efforts painting it for you.

      • LegoRick

        I’d have to disagree. Have you seen Dust Tactics prepaints? They are fantastic. If these GF9 DnD sets were anything like that, I would be 100% on board.

        • Mahrdol

          Dust Tactics prepaints are not “Top collector quality PREpaints”. They are a good deal and good table top game playing quality. Overall I do agree with you and I think if there was more Dust tactics quality prepaints my wallet would be a lot lighter.

  • Soulfinger

    I still prefer Otherworld’s old skool mini line.

  • jahatch28

    These are “limited edition”… 1000 or 1500 or whatever numbers released, so you kinda knew the prices were going to reflect that…

    I personally like the unpainted aspect as the “pre-painted” minis are just never as good as I think they should be, and I don’t like paying extra for paint I can do myself and if they were really well painted (and limited edition) they would be double the cost they are now… (plus, if they chipped during play or in transport it would be heartbreaking)… Josh

  • cama

    Badly, badly overpriced.