Furious Affray! scenario posted for Unbridled Fury

Furidion Games have posted a scenario for their Unbridled Fury rules.

From their announcement:

Today we present to you the first new UF scenario since the Unbridled Fury rulebook was released – Furious Affray. It aims to be more tactically challenging than the Get ‘Em Lads! scenario in the rulebook. It forces you to think carefully about your plan of action before you begin, and if you don’t, believe me you’ll be paying for it in blood.

We’ve also posted four company lists in recent weeks. These include the Court of the Mad Liche King (Undead), Amphibian Empire (inspired by the awesome Eureka Miniatures line of Warrior Frogs), the Blood Berserkers (demented barbarian warriors) and The Crusade of Cthulhu (because we just had to have a Cthulhu in space list).