Fun Forge Running Monumental Board Game Kickstarter

This game is Monumental in more ways than one. First, that’s the game’s name. Second, it’s got a whole ton of stuff going on in it. There’s exploration. There’s conquest. There’s deck-building. There’s terrain tiles. There’s miniatures. There’s different and distinct civilizations you can choose to be. There’s… well, there’s only one chance to get the game. This is a Kickstarter-exclusive product. So if you want it, now’s your time to get it.

From the campaign:

The Core Box of Monumental includes all the components of the game except for the miniatures that come with the Army box (see below). The Core Box includes the cards for each civilization (starting cards: buildings, knowledge, warlord, cultural policies), the cards for each era (Classical, Medieval, Modern), plus all necessary terrain hexes and markers to play the game.

Each civilization starts the game with 21 cards, including 13 common Building cards, 1 unique Building card, 1 unique Knowledge card, 1 Warlord card, and 5 Cultural Policies.

Also, the following cards form the central row and are common to all players : 15 Classical cards, 12 Medieval cards and 8 Modern cards in the central deck, plus 30 advanced Building cards (Laboratory, Archery Range and Workshop).

The Core Box also includes 1 rule booklet + 1 scenario booklet with preset scenarios as well as 1 Civilization booklet with details on each playable civilization of the game. These scenarios feature various suggested maps, but if you want to build your own maps with the terrain hexes, it’s up to you! For instance, the “Clash of Titans” scenario features a small map that encourages players to attack each other, while the “Quiet Pastures” scenario is a much larger map where players can live their life without fearing an aggressive neighbor.

The Core Box is also designed to store all the non-minis stretch goals components. Its specific tray is designed to ease the setup process thanks to separate boxes for each type of cards.

The Kickstarter’s a little more than halfway to their goal with still 24 days left to go.