Frothers’ Charity Drive 2010 update

Dags from Frothers has posted an update on the Frothers’ Charity Drive 2010.

Frothers Angels

From his announcement:

Hi All

As you can see from the quick bit of photoshoppery the three greens that are a thank you for those donating to this year’s Frothers’ Charity Drive are now completed. For a proper look at all three have a look here.

Hope you’ll agree that Seb Archer (of Guild of Harmony), Andrew Rae (of Statuesque Miniatures) and Kev White (of Hasslefree Miniatures) along with Geronimo (of Fenris Games) who designed and cast the base have done a grand job.

The set was limited to 100 copies and all those are now spoken for. The Drive has raised £5776.63 for Cancer and MS research charities. Thank you all who’ve donated.

What Happens Now?
The three greens are first going to Grey Matter Figures for mastering and then onto Griffin Moulds for production moulding and casting. Then the finished figures will be returned to Hasslefree for distribution. Obviously, because both Grey Matter and Griffin have donated their time (and materials) for free these will have to be fitted in around normal work and this may take a bit of time. I’ll update you (and contact folks for addresses) once the casting has been done.

Missed Out?
You can still get a warm, fuzzy feeling of doing some good by making a donation here.

And you may just be lucky – 5 sets of resin masters (again cast by Grey Matter) are going off to some top painters and these will be raffled off. Every £10 donation will give you one chance. Remember to put ‘TGN’ in the comments box so I know where you are!