Frontline Gamer takes a first look at Dark Age

By Polar_Bear
In Dark Age
Jun 26th, 2012

Frontline Gamer has a review up of Dark Age. Yes, the game’s been around a while. That doesn’t make a review any less pertinent, just like Play Board Game’s review of Monsterpocalypse recently. If you’ve been wondering about it, go and find out about it from a conerstone of the gaming community, a paragon of virtue, and just a swell individual… Frontline Gamer. (and I’ve never even met ’em and I was not paid to type that. :p)

From the review:

Frontline Gamer (still talking about himself in the third person) takes a first look at Dark Age the game. There might even be a sneak peak at some never before seen concept art AND a new sculpt.

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  • SirAngry

    I’ll send to packet of crisps and ball of string in the post.

    • Polar_Bear

      Crisps are chips, right?
      That’s American chips and not British chips… those are fries…

      I feel like Cousin Avi when talking to Bullet Tooth Tony here.

      • SirAngry


        Yes Chips are crisps in ‘real’ English and ‘fries’ are something a bit different in ‘real’ English. They’re a subset of chips. This could get complex…

  • ninja007

    “Food” also means something different in British. bacon, for instance, means “raw pork”.