Frontline Gamer running a Dark Age story competition

By Polar_Bear
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Sep 18th, 2012

Frontline Gamer teamed up with Dark Age and will be bringing us content regarding them all week. First up is a Dark Age story competition.

From the update:

Well after the prize draws proved so popular I thought I’d try and do something a bit different this time. I’ve written (no doubt badly) the start to a story on my Blog, what I need from you lot is to write the conclusion. The winner will get some Dark Age swag kindly donated by the guys at Cool Mini or Not. What are you waiting for? Get those pens out!!!

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  • lordofexcess

    How is this system even still going? Along with systems Wargods of Aegpytus I wonder how it makes any money at all. Don’t get me wrong some of the minis are cool, but the rules (and I played in the early days and then again recently with the “new” rules) leave something to be desired for me as does the vague, generic sci-fi post apoc setting.

    • SirAngry

      I can totally understand some people not liking the setting, and I get why people wouldn’t like some of the miniatures. The quality in the range is highly varied, the newer stuff actually looks really quite good, but some of the early Forsaken and Skarrd in particular are weak looking now.

      But overall I actually think Dark Age Apocalypse on the rules side of things is a pretty solid game. There are some awkward bits in terms of units and individuals at a small skirmish game level and how that plays out. But it is a fun game, and I found it actually quite entertaining.