Frontline Gamer Reviews Zombicide

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Nov 3rd, 2012

Frontline Gamer finished up his zombie games review with Zombicide.
Though considering the amount of zombie-related things I’ve posted in the past month, he could keep going with the theme for at least another year or so.

From the review:

Well it was bound to be reviewed wasn’t it? So this is the last of the zombie reviews for this week. I’ll still be posting up some fun (I hope they’re fun) related zombie articles on Saturday and Sunday. I hope people have found the reviews useful.

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  • SirAngry

    Good God No!!!

    I love zombies and all that jazz, but seriously after subsisting on a gaming and movie diet of pretty much nothing but zombies for the past two months in preparation for this weeks exploits I just don’t think I could take anymore, I really, really don’t.

    • You could make it. Break on through to the other side.

      • SirAngry

        No seriously I couldn’t. I was close to flipping into a homicidal rage when playing the Walking Dead for review… I’d had enough of zombies so I chose very wisely to look at playing other games instead. Games without zombies!!!