Frontline Gamer reviews Perfect Storm for Heavy Gear Blitz

By Polar_Bear
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Sep 14th, 2012

Frontline Gamer is back, baby! *waves a little flag* and they’ve got a review up of Perfect Storm for Heavy Gear Blitz!

From them to you:

Yeah I’m back finally and writing reviews again. This time I’m looking at the Perfect Storm Field Guide for the NuCoal faction for Heavy Gear Blitz.

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  • SirAngry

    Well it’s good to be back!!! I’m pumped for of horse tranquilizers… erm… you know just because it’s fun, but I’m ready to start writing again. Huzzah.

    • SirAngry

      Wow those horse tranqs really affected my brain didn’t they? That should have read:

      I’m pumped full of horse tranquillizers

  • Tamwulf

    Pretty good review of the book! I love the Heavy Gear universe! The artwork, fiction, and game are all top notch! Some of the metal models have been less then spectacular, but they are getting better and better all the time. The only downside to the game is army creation. It’s a real mess, requiring Gear Garage to make sense of it all. BTW, Gear Garage is a fan created, free army builder for Heavy Gear. Without it, it’s all but impossible to create an army for any faction except NuCoal and PAX.

    That’s right, this book is a “preview” of future army selection/design, and I can hardly wait! This book is a huge step up for Dream Pod 9, and all the future books will be just as good.

    • SirAngry

      Yeah I know Gear Garage is fan created, like Devil Teams Army Builder for Infinity. I actually did an article about it I think.

      Perhaps I’m a gaming savant or something, but I haven’t had all that much trouble writing lists for my games of HGB without Gear Garage. Not just NuCoal lists either, but Northern, Southern and PRDF. What I will say though is that Perfect Storm makes it easier for NuCoal players. No question!

      I can’t quite wrap my head around some of the opposition to moving to faction specific Field Guides is. If Perfect Storm is the template they follow for all it can only vastly improve our gaming experiences with HGB. Well that’s my opinion any way! 🙂

      • Veritas

        I agree 100%. I know one of the things people were complaining about was less options for individual models in a unit, but I think Perfect Storm hit a sweet spot. I thought there was simply too much micromanagement in the the Blitz! lists.

        • SirAngry

          Yeah, I did have a few decision paralysis moments wandering what were the best possible options were for a friends PRDF list, ditto a Southern list I was writing. I got sort of lost in the detail. Got there eventually, but I think if Perfect Storm is the way forward it will just make everything that much slicker and easier.