Frontline Gamer reveals a world exclusive look at the Diamiondback for Heavy Gear Blitz

Frontline Gamer sent in the most cereal boxtops and was thus allowed to show off an exclusive look at the Diamondback for Heavy Gear Blitz before anyone else.

From the reveal:

Yay!!! I have a world exclusive look at the new Diamondback Gear for the Southern faction from Heavy Gear Blitz, and yes I have pictures.

  • SirAngry

    Actually it was bottle tops.

    • Well, that explains why I didn’t get it. I sent in boxtops. Probably confused the hell out of them at DP9. :p

  • Tamwulf

    It has no head! And terrible paint job. 😉

    • SirAngry

      Agreed on the paint job. Angel has done a bad job on this one. I quite like the fact it hasn’t got a head… I mean why should a giant robot have a head?