Frontline Gamer is giving away a BaneLegion Blood Maw Vore

Frontline Gamer (had to make sure to separate out this and that Frontline Games article from an hour ago) is giving away the new BaneLegion Blood Maw Vore. I know I saw a lot of comments to the preview of that thing and everyone seemed really excited about it. I am, too. So here’s your chance to get one for gratis!

From them to you:

As part of their Blogs Birthday giveaway, Frontline Gamer is giving away the rather terrifying looking Blood Maw Vore from BaneLegions.

  • SirAngry

    Nobody could ever confuse me for Frontline Games… they want to sell you mini’s…pffft… that’s for professionals. I’m all about the amateur baby, and giving them away for free. Well that….


    I’m man enough to be seen wearing pink!!! Yeah, I said it, I wear pink. It’s not just my Blog.Not many people can pull it off, but I manage it. It’s the pink and purple that separates me from the crowd.

    (it gets lonely sometimes) ๐Ÿ™

    • Polar_Bear

      It was more separating out because people will read “Frontline G—–” and already have figured they’ve read the rest of the article, then get confused by you putting out models, or the other company making a review of something. :p

      • SirAngry

        I know, I was just poking fun at myself more than anything.


        • Polar_Bear

          I know, hence the “:P” ๐Ÿ˜›