Frontline Command launches a blog

Frontline Command have started a blog to post articles and photos related to 28mm WWII gaming.

From their announcement:

We have been asked many times how we do what we do so here is a site dedicated to just that. We put on many games a year for Frontline Command W.W. II and with that build many models for them.

The site will cover building, painting and modeling miniatures and terrain for 28mm W.W. II. You will be shown the models we use and how we do what we do.

The latest was the Stalingrad Tractor Factory which featured all models from Precision Model Designs and just posted on the blog.

Here are the recent articles which you can see now:

  • W.I.P. 28mm Stalingrad Tractor Factory PT.1
  • W.I.P. 28mm Stalingrad Tractor Factory PT.2 (Complete)
  • W.I.P. Autos for the 28mm Stalingrad Tractor Factory
  • W.I.P. 28mm City blocks for W.W. II

So drop by and have a look and we will see ya on the Frontlines!