Fritjof and Hogsquasher preview

Red Box Games have posted previews of their next set of fantasy miniature releases – Fritjof and Hogsquasher.

From their announcement:

New previews for the upcoming release this month from Red Box Games

Hogsquasher and Fritjof

Hogsquasher is one of two troll figures that will be released this month. Both troll figures will be available in Resin only as the metal cost would just be far too expensive.

  • General Hobbs

    Nice sculpts, but the scale is off. They look bad next to other figures on the tabletop. Bad customer service with the company as well. Order from a third seller when you can. They would make alot more money if they were in scale with GW or PP.

    • Lord Abaddon of Wormwood

      Wow – just a little hate there.
      Personally I like the scale – no steroid abuse here, just pure gritty Fantasy. Wake up and realise that there is a whole world of mins “in” scale with these – Reaper to name one. PP & GW are Pixar of Mini Gaming… too toon to believe.

      Both these chaps are the last thing you would want to see (and more likely see) in the alley behind the Inn.

      Tres – Great work once again.

      Lord Abaddon of Wormwood

    • storm72

      Tre those who have delt with you or have talked to you in the forums know you have no need to explain yoursel,f the minis look great and so isn’t your customer service beside we all know who the “Real Troll” is>:)

      • yamaneko

        Agreed. Absolutely. Keep producing your amazing sculpts, Tre, and keep thinking outside of that vanilla box. You’re a leader and innovator in this industry, not a follower!

  • Morf

    They are smaller than most of the gaming ranges, more in scale with LotR than WHFB, but the company had been very clear about it – this is their choice.
    Great minis, the Troll would be a real pleasure to paint.

  • Tre Manor

    Thanks LA! been a long time since I heard from you man! 🙂

    Yep Morf is right, the scale choice is intentional. As to whether they look ” bad ” next to other figures from other ranges….well that is just a matter of tastes and what it is that you like to see when you look at a figure. I chose the look that I have produced based on my own preferences for realism vs cartoonyness and metal is NOT cheap so the larger the figure, the more it costs and fro a manufacturer my size the outlay to expand is a big concern for planning the future of the company.

    I tell ANYONE who asks me about it that if they are lookign to match my figures to any other line they should be lookign somewhere else. I am NOT in this game to look liek any other line of figures. I want my customers to look at their gamign table and truly BELIEVE the illusion created there upon. I want them to look at their adventuring party and see a dwarf, an elf, a human and a gnome fightign a gaggle of goblins and be able to know which is which based on the silhouette and height ALONE! Dwarves shoudl nto look liek squashed giants. Elves shoudl nto look liek humans with pointed ears, and gnomes shoudl not look liek dwarves with shaved beards.

    I strive to provide tokens which are worthy of being YOUR character portrait. I want peopel to look at their RBG figure and think they really have something special not just one more GW, PP, or Reaper figure. Red Box Games figures are DIFFERENT and IDENTIFIABLE, and that is my specific intention. 10 years from now you will still be able to match RBG figures to RBG figures. You will never need to wrry if your goblins will look liek orcs next to your elves, o rthat your dwarves will look like short ogres next to the humans.

    It is my goal to provide a wide enough range of figures that you will not NEED to put RBG figures on the tabletop with other ranges. And at 110 individual figures ( expeandign every month. ) in the line I would say that there should not be much problem in finding enough figures to fill any particular game.

    As to my customer service…….. If you have had a problem with me and informed me of it I KNOW that I have fixed it or done everything that is reasonable to attempt to do so. I reship packages when they go missing, I add in free figures when packages are delayed due to stock issues. I have even refunded money to dissatisfied customers. My customer service is ABOVE ALL ELSE my main priority. I am a one man operation so mistakes will happen but I am not one to make excuses or shirk my responsibility when I have made a mistake. I can think of no more than 5 cases in my 3 year history that I have had intereaction with a dissatisifed customer and of those only ONE was due to anything I personally had control over. And of those 5 I replaced every single package at some incredible personal expense. I go the distance for my customers.


    • Tre Manor

      ……ahem…. Not meaning to imply that ONLY RBG figures are special…. I just got a little wrapped up in the pitch there.

  • yamaneko


    Someone has a grudge, maybe?

    • Tre Manor

      I actually would very much like to correct any problem that General Hobbs may have had. I am guessing that he has never ordered direct from me though….or if he has he has never notified me directly of the problem.

      • yamaneko

        Perfect example of how nice you are!