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Aug 12th, 2016

Well, it’s been a bit of a short week here in the office, having only come in Wed-Fri. Though, with having just a little time off from Gen Con, it felt much longer. I’m looking forward to a weekend of doing probably not all that much at all. Just some time to decompress a bit. Should be nice. Lets me put together some of the figures I got at the show. To do that, I’ll need energy. Energy in the form of bite-sized gaming stories.

On today’s platter we have: Forest Goblins multi-part plastics is Shieldwolf Miniatures Coming To Kickstarter, Xtraidos Crowdfunding Campaign Launched, TinMan’s 35% Off Back In Business Sale Ends Soon, Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm August Releases Arrive at PicoArmor, Victoria Miniatures Female Greatcoat Legs and BFG Ammo Crates Now Available, and New Undead Orcs From Scotia Grendel.

Forest Goblins multi-part plastics is Shieldwolf Miniatures Coming To Kickstarter


Shieldwolf Miniatures is heading to KS once again in order to fund even more quality plastics for their fantasy armies. This time it’s the Forest Goblins, yet another innovative army in hard plastic never done before by anyone worldwide!

Xtraidos Crowdfunding Campaign Launched


A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to supportcasting in metal miniatures for Xtraidos.

Xtraidos is a superheroic skirmish game based on the background of the related Sentinel Studios’ and Ayatolah Games’ RPG ,and the rules of the skirmish game 1650, A Capa & Espada, from Tercio Creativo.

TinMan’s 35% Off Back In Business Sale Ends Soon


Sunday, August 14th will be the last day that TinMan will be having their 35% Off Back In Business Sale.
Not only that, but some figures, not all, just a select few, will have their regular prices increased once the sale ends.
So, this is your last opportunity to not only purchase the minis you want at drastically reduced prices, but this is the lowest the prices will be once the sale ends.

Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm August Releases Arrive at PicoArmor

PicoArmor (Oddzial Osmy’s exclusive North American distributor) is pleased to announce that Oddzial Osmy’s new releases are now in stock.

IS-625 IAI Nesher/Dagger (8 pcs) – Israeli version of Mirage 5 fighter
UK-642 Sea Harrier FRS.1 (8 pcs) – naval version of Harrier
US-6107 MTVR (15 pcs) – military truck used by USMC
CH-630 Type 89 TD (15 pcs) – tracked tank destroyer armed with 120mm gun

WBR-671 CMP C15A (15 pcs) – 15cwt truck
WUS-663 SB2C Helldiver (8 pcs) – US Navy dive bomber
WJA-621 Type 94 truck (15 pcs) – Isuzu military truck
WJA-622 Type 97 Te-Ke (15 pcs) – Japanese tankette

Victoria Miniatures Female Greatcoat Legs and BFG Ammo Crates Now Available

Female Greatcoat Legs

A few new bits this month, and a preview of things to come. First up, the Female Troops get some Greatcoat legs. Also released are the first of the Sledgehammer BFG accessories; Resin versions of the BFG Ammo Crates and The Shells Sculpted by Jake Schneider. Once the Sledgehammer BFG Kickstarter has been fulfilled, the full PVC Sledgehammer kit and a resin edition of the crew will be available. Jake and I have also been working on some BFG resin additions and upgrades which will be revealed in due course.

New Undead Orcs From Scotia Grendel

Hi Folks!
A new month appears, and like always we’ve prepared a great collection of new releases.
So let’s take a look on them.
For GFR range we have prepared two packs of Undead Orcs
For Urban War we have prepared three packs of Gladiators
For Accessories range we have prepared two pack

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  • tchuck

    I’m surprised to see ‘Xtraidos Crowdfunding Campaign Launched’. It’s made by one of the owners of Tercio Creativo. Back in November 2013, they finished an indiegogo funding campaing for an expansion to 1650. 5 months ago, they updated us that all the minis were ready to ship. I even added miniatures to my order. But for 3 months now, their has been no communication with the backers at all; no update, no comments in indiegogo and no email responds.

    • Sergio Alonso León

      Hello, Tchuck, I’m Sergio (the sculptor of Xtraidos and half of Tercio Creativo staff),

      I understand you, but there’s a difference between me being part of Tercio Creativo and Xtraidos being part of Tercio Creativo. I mean: I have sculpted, written and paid art and paintings using my free time and savings. “Tercio Creativo” is there only for selling the figures “properly” (for taxes and all those things). It’s the same with BI-XO Wars. I did all by myself and last packages will be sent at the beginning of the next week.

      Apart of that, you totally right Dies Irae is having a TERRIBLE delay, but 99% of the Spanish packages have been sent and foreign ones are being sent, so be patient, everybody will get their stuff. And I hope it is before summer has ended.

  • Jarrod Bright

    In Xtraidos defense, the trouble was entirely due to a caster who’d abandoned the project. They probably did take too long to find a replacement, but once they had a replacement caster the project was fine and the packages were mailed out as promised (I was a foreign participant and I did receive mine).

    • tchuck

      You are one of the lucky ones, a lot of us never got our miniatures. After adding minis to my order and paying them more, I never got any new or package from them, that after they said everything was ready to ship, its been 4 months.