Friday Snippets

Hey everybody! It’s Friday! Woooooo! Gateway to the weekend, you all know how much I love Fridays. Or, more importantly, Friday evenings (not that work’s terrible, but c’mon! It’s not the weekend!). This evening, I’ll be making some white chocolate & macadamia nut cookies for D&D tomorrow. Probably will grab some snacks to take along as well. But, before I get to those bite-sized treats, let’s dig into some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: 28mm Amazons From RBJ Games Up On Kickstarter, New Tank Bundle From Kromlech, Mythexplorers Little: RPG miniatures Coming to Kickstarter Monday, Skull Dice Wooden Dice Set Up On Kickstarter, and Kraken Dice Announces Kickstarter Launch Date.

28mm Amazons From RBJ Games Up On Kickstarter

The Amazons are a new line of 28mm white metal and urethane resin table top gaming figurines from RBJ Game Company. Digitally rendered by Master Sculptor Bobby Jackson and faithfully brought to physical reality by Fortress Figures using cutting edge technology to bring you the unquestionably highest quality metal and resin miniature available today.

New Tank Bundle From Kromlech

Legionary Assault Tank Bundle
If you like our latest releases designed for Legionary Tanks then now you can buy them 10% cheaper in a set.
This set contains one Legionary Assault Tank Turret, one Legionary Assault Tank Sponsons and one Legionary Tank: Extra Armour.
You can select any turret and sponons that you like during shopping process.

Mythexplorers Little: RPG miniatures Coming to Kickstarter Monday

Monday 9th April, 10:00am GMT at #kickstarter #mythexplorerslittle 15mm miniatures for RPG games
Painted and Sculpted by Gareth Nicholas

Upgrade your RPG experience with premium miniatures. 15 mm scale, finest quality, hard resin miniatures. Free shipping worldwide.

Skull Dice Wooden Dice Set Up On Kickstarter

Hi, everybody

This is a continuation of the Skull Dice project. I invite you to support me because we have made many new products in this field and these are our technological achievements. Our exclusive development of the scheme Skull Dice. The functional element that we consider through the eyes of the skull, as well as drawing lines and headbands, is the designer’s invention. We came up with new boxes for our kit. Hope you enjoy it while playing Board games!

Kraken Dice Announces Kickstarter Launch Date

SAVE THE DATE: Iconic Mythical Collection by Kraken Dice is coming to KICKSTARTER April 27, 2018