French Wars of Religion availble at Saber’s Edge

French Wars of ReligionSaber’s Edge is now selling Stephen Danes French Wars of Religion supplement.

From their announcement:
The French Wars of Religion. Army Lists and Scenarios Supplement for Bad War.

This French Wars of Religion supplement is designed to be used with the renaissance battle rules – Bad War. The supplement contains army lists and scenarios for the French Wars of Religion and the later Italian Wars.

The scenarios included are for the battles of Ceresole, Dreux, and Coutras and include background and terrain details, maps and unit cards detailing the profile of all the units involved.

Also included are a number of new War Tokens. These are the event/action cards that Bad War/Father Tilly players will be familiar with – and these include tokens for capturing enemy standards and dealing out treacherous moves to the opponent – all highly appropriate activities for sixteenth century commanders.

$8.00 USD (A4 PDF)