Freejumper Sci-Fi Game Available Now

The universe is a vast place full of all sorts of wonder and adventure… and you’re out to make all the money you can. At least, that’s the idea in Freejumper, a new sci-fi miniatures game. In the game players take on the role of Freejumpers, which are privately-owned, multi-purpose, self-aware spaceships. Their main job is to find valuable cargo, be it alien artifacts, salvage, or anything else that might make some money.

Freejumper cover

The various scenarios allow for all different sorts of games. Sometimes all your ships are working together toward a single goal. Other times you’re all against one-another, looking to get what you can. Others have you split into teams. No matter what, though, you’ll want to have the most valuable cargo at the end. That cargo can then turn into upgrades for your ship, letting you become more effective at your ventures as time goes on.

The game is available in high-resolution .pdf.


  • Philip Karecki

    I submitted this for Sam, a friend, and missed a very important piece with my cut & paste from the announcement. First, and foremost, Freelancer is a “Create your own spaceship using a hand of “system cards” and take it out to fight and have adventures” kind of game. Loads of customization, flavor, and a fast plat game. -Phil