Freebooters Fate releases Totol

By TGN Ross
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Feb 16th, 2012
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Freebooters Fate releases their new model, Totol.

From their site:

Totol looked over at her opponent. Cihuachi was also a good hunter. A slightly better shot, but that would not help her here, because otherwise they were equals. Both were equally strong. The long muscles of experienced hunters sprawled in every movement under their skin like snakes in the sun. It would be an uphill battle.

Totol is a specialist and can be hired once per team for 90 doubloons. The figure is the character map with all the Freebooter’s Fate game required values.

The figure kit consists of 6 parts and has a total height of approximately 37 mm. The body from head to foot with a height of about 29 mm.

The figure will be unpainted and delivered in pieces and still be assembled.

The individual parts are also available separately on request.

  • the Paper Warrior

    Werner Klocke is an unbeleviably talented sculptor.

    Posts on his works almost always go by without any comments and I guess it’s because he’s been around so long everyone’s just used to him. But I’ve got to say this is a great piece. A lot of love went into this sculpt.

    I told my wife just last week I was going to stick to 15mm so we can unclutter our house a little (ok a lot). Maybe one more 30mm wouldn’t hurt, just one more.