• I really like these, will have to take a closer look at the game (although these should be part of an expansion book?).

  • Faschist Hippy

    a great addition to an awesome game, no rules for them in the main book though so possibly a PDF expansion or a new book is in the pipeline?

  • Lucas Blackwolf

    I think there is indeed a new book planned. According to Frebooter, these will be released with a workable profiles and feedback will be asked of the players. The final version will then be released with the book.

  • txMaddog

    Those look pretty awesome!

  • tomogui

    Really nice sculpts. I already own a couple of factions for Freebooters Fate, but these Amazons are very tempting too!

    This game is huge fun if you like skirmish games. Can’t recommend it enough.