Freebooter Miniatures shows off Ixchelcoatl for Freebooter’s Fate

Freebooter Miniatures has a new model they’re showing off on their website: Ixchelcoatl (no, I have NO idea how to pronounce that) and her winged serpent friend.

From the website:

Ahoy there me hearties

Even though we are fully into pre-christmas business, Werner took the time to finish another model for the anniversary campaign.

So here is Ixchelcoatl, High Priestess of the Amazons (yes, she can afford a real snake Wink ) and her companion, the Winged Serpent! The version shown is the Pirate-Perk version without any stretch goal bits.

  • galahtyr

    The pronunciation is:

    ICS (Pronounced as english “six”) SHEL(E is pronounced as English pet)- COA (Pronounced as KOALA”) – TUL

    its a mix from mayan an nahuatl (aztec) words and it means “woman rainbow snake”

    Regards from México!!

  • tomogui

    Great explanation, galahtyr. Thank you!

  • Indeed. That does help.