Free Tank Deal at Warlord Games

Warlord Games loves having sales over on their website. It seems I’m always posting up notices about sprue deals or extra, free minis, or some sort of special going on. This post is one of those announcements. Warlord Games has created an Army Builder tool for Bolt Action. Via a series of menus, they’ve created a way to build an entire Bolt Action force online and then with a simple couple sets of clicks, you can have that force sent to you. Nice, but they wanted to further entice players to use it.

So just head over to Warlord Games, pick your nation of choice (they currently have Army Builders set for Germany, Britain, the US, and the USSR), and create your army. When you’re done, you’ll get the figures in your army, plus a free tank. You even get to choose from a list for which tank kit you’d like to have as your freebie. Also, currently, there isn’t a deadline associated with the free tank deal. So no saying on when the offer might end. The safe route would be to go make your order asap, just to make sure you don’t miss out.


  • Andrew More

    Oh boy, Cease and Desist inbound from Lone Wolf games. You can’t call a list creator an “Army Builder”, since that’s registered to Lone Wolf Development.

    • Ghool

      Yep. Be careful though, your post could get a C&D for just mentioning the name.

      • Odinsgrandson

        That’s right- but more especially if you use the term “Army Builder” as the clearly generic term that it is used for in the community (you know, in reference towards any brand or fan created army building software).

        I remember that they once went after the Privateer Press forums because members were using “Army Builder” as the generic term. I honestly can’t see how they could possibly have a case there.

        Makes me think that if they ever follow through with any of their C&D letters, they’ll lose the trademark.

        • Oh man… I was a moderator for PP during those days. What a headache!

          • Odinsgrandson

            Oh, yeah? You poor guy.

            It was kind of funny, honestly. I mean, people using the name of a brand out of context in their non-commercial conversations is not going to be ruled as infringement by any court ever. Even if their conversations are recorded.

            But maybe it could be used as evidence that the brand name is actually a generic term?

          • We actually had the word filter for the forum change “army builder” to other things for a while.

          • Odinsgrandson

            I remember that was so odd.

            Did people complain about that?

            I loved the way their filter changed Calvary to Golgotha. Got to love the Golgotha charge.

    • Valander

      Those clowns are still around?