Free Roll Machined Gamers Dice up on Kickstarter

Spiel Designs has rolled the dice to fund some dice on Kickstarter. And they’ve succeeded! Well, so far, anyway. They’ve got a lot of time still left so they can succeed even more… Ok, my analogy derailed there. Anyway, Dice!

From the campaign:

This product is machined from 100% solid brushed aluminum metal. They are D6 gaming dice for true card and board game lovers. These aren’t your typical dice; we’ve given each side a rounded face with tri-star shaped corners for a 3D dimensional look. They are durable, perfectly weighted with smooth corners that allow the dice to roll easily and deliver statistically even probabilities. Each die measures 16mm and weighs 11.34gm. No more boring square faced, sharp rigid dice that have a tendency to scratch and cut board games and tables. We introduce you to the new revolutionary RPG gaming dice named “Free Roll”.

  • cama

    These would be great for hurling at those annoying players down at the club. So much more chance of making your point to someone with high-velocity metal!

  • blkdymnd

    But they’re aluminum, wouldn’t they just bounce off harmlessly against the average gamers face?

  • Darsc Zacal

    There’s already been a number of metal/aluminum dice kickstarters, but the design of these in particular appeal to me. They wouldn’t chew up my dice towers with sharp edges and pointy corners, and being aluminum the weight shouldn’t be too bad either. Plus I like dice that roll and roll and these look the type.

    Now if the project creator would offer them anodized in various colours, I think I’d be good to go.


  • Dude

    I like how the depth of the pips varies by the number on a face. Excellent method of evening the weight and controlling the balance.

  • surprize

    These look nice.
    I’m not a gamer that is especially bothered about dice rolling statistically evenly, I prefer to get to know my dice and decide whether they are “lucky” or not. However if I was going to shell out a lot ($5 per dice) where a key selling point is the machined accuracy then I think I’d want them to say they’ve actually done some robust field testing of the evenness of rolling. I suspect that in micro detail the evenness in weight will be slightly offset by the unevenness in cavity size – i.e. the air cushioning effect of a single massive hole (the 1) is likely to be different than 6 small ones. This is going to be microscopically tiny, but if it leads to a 499:501 statistical split between 1’s and 6’s it would sort of defeat the point of CAD individually machined dice – something you can only really prove with statistical tests based on LOTS of rolls.
    If they have they should really say, rather than just say even weight = even rolling.

    • Darsc Zacal

      In my gaming experience, Cheetos dust and a sticky gaming surface will have more of an impact on dice rolls than any air cushioning effect could possible have.

      • TomasT

        I was totally swayed by surprize’s argument until you hit the nail on the head.

    • Ghost

      Get casino dice tbh

      • 4tonmantis


        I don’t know that I have ever had “sharp corners” of dice leave marks without someone doing something to them outside of the norm (ie leaving d4s under your bedspread). I am sure someone will like these but it seems a lot like selling ice to Eskimos.

        • cama

          I’m pretty sure those people prefer to be called “Inuit” or “Innu”, so when you are writing your sales contract, keep that in mind, oh-k….

        • Borzag

          BB players don’t like them because it scuffs the boards (no really; I’ve seen it done).

          Everyone else rolls them incorrectly. Casino dice are designed to be rolled in a controlled manner (2 dice gripped in a certain manner, thrown onto a controlled surface, with a regulation number of bounces from known striking surfaces). Doesn’t work with bucket ‘o’ dice games, even small amounts of buckets ‘o’ dice (there was a fad for these for a while in WarmaHordes & Warhammers here in AU. NOTHING to do with the major tourney store selling them I’m sure…).

          So yeah, machine dice designed to be bucket rolled = a good idea. I’ve bought some because I’m a sucker for metallics, and as an engineer the idea of CADded dice amuses me.

  • number9

    Or just precision backgammon dice. Why kickstart an unknown when the proven product already exists? Oh right, aluminum.

  • Darsc Zacal

    Someone in the kickstarters comments section has posted several links to online retailers who have been selling aluminum dice sets that look identical to these, with again what looks like an identical case, for the past 5-8 years at less than 1/3 of the price being asked for in the kickstarter.

    That, and the creators response which really hasn’t addressed the issue, is enough for me to stay away from this kickstarter.

    • 4tonmantis

      So basically.. they’re kickstarting an existing product at a higher rate and making money? Best business model ever!

      • cama

        No kidding! Find cheap product, repackage, resell at 3x price, enjoy rewards!

        I am America, and you can too!

  • Darsc Zacal

    And the Kickstarter has now been cancelled. Good riddance!

  • cama

    SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! I knew this would happen on kickstarter sooner or later.