Free Roll Machine Gamers Dice Kickstarter found to be a scam

By Polar_Bear
In Accessories
Feb 26th, 2013

Free Roll Machine Gamers Dice Kickstarter has been pulled as a scam.
The actual producer of those dice sets can be found here.

We knew this sort of thing would come along sooner or later.

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  • who’d a thunk people had access to the interwebz…

  • cama

    That’s pretty awesome. And a mighty stain on kickstarter.

    • It’s not kickstarter’s fault. It’s not the first scam either (I recall some video game kickstarter used nothing but other games screens and promo pictures). Fortunately the internet is filled with people doing the research work for kickstarter.

    • kaelstra

      I don’t think it’s really a “stain” on Kickstarter. They can’t police every single thing that comes through and verify it doesn’t already exist. However, I am impressed with the quick work people made of revealing this guy to be a scammer.

  • pchapman12345

    Well I think it’s good on the Kickstarter community to have found it out or the dice community.
    Funny timing: I felt compulsive collecting obsession Sedition Wars Kickstarter exclusives.
    The offers I found were … expensvie or selling a limited part or just from people in far away places with interesting selling records.

    I guess you always have to be aware.

    That and if anyone has a bridge and a Sedition Wars Kickstarter they want to sell me now would the the time

    • gamehobbyist

      I actually have one. I got caught up in the hype and bought 2 but probably won’t ever get to play as none of my friends seemed interested.

    • carypearson

      Doubt you will see this pchapman, but I have an extra set of Sedition Wars and Biohazard…I bought it for someone else and they backed out on me… Thought I could use the extra minis, but I have SO much to paint…they would probably just sit in my game room…

      My email is my username at the ubiquitous google free mail.

  • Ghost


  • mac

    hang’em high! death & suffering to f**king scammers!

    • I dunno – everyone hates being scammed, but the thing is if the guy had actually picked something that WASN’T blatantly available (and at a much cheaper price) noone would be angry.

      Don’t get me wrong – pawning off someone elses work as your own is a bit of a douche move, but there are plenty of legitimate companies that do that. I remember when MP3 players were all the rage and the number 1 brand over here at least (before Ipods took over) was Jens of Sweden. I don’t think the guy ever designed even one of the players. He just rebranded stuff he imported from China and made a killing. There are tons of big brands that do the very same thing so it’s not really a new thing…

      Going the kickstarter route though is sheer stupidity. Again – had it been an obscure product that virtually noone knew about or could actually buy, everyone would be happy – most of all the people that actually made it for finally selling so many.

      • 4tonmantis

        Claiming someone else’s product as your own is more than a douche move.. it’s illegal. These guys could probably be hit with FCC violations and federal charges if someone pushed the issue.

        • cama

          I seriously doubt that. Internet law is not the same as real law.

          What these guys should do is get everyone together and have a beer with Mr Obama, and it will all blow over.

          Buying a product and then reselling the product in a different package is just business unfortunately. But doing it on Kickstarter exposes KS for being open to such stupidity.

          I have fervently been opposed to KS and will continue to do so.

          • 4tonmantis

            Right.. because it’s not illegal because it happened over the internet?

            There are specific laws against this kind of thing and the fact that it happened over the internet means it was a transmission which brings the FCC in. They were selling across state lines and internationally which brings in the feds. If you think internet crime is treated less seriously you should educate yourself as to what the federal government is doing (read up on Anonymous).

          • cama

            Blah blah blah blah blah Internet lawyer blah blah blah no one cares blah blah blah

          • You’re “opposed” to kickstarter? Alright.

          • 4tonmantis

            I’m not.. if that was to me.. I think Cama might be though

          • cama

            Opposed to and will never take part in one. There’s a sucker born every minute, and now they missed their chance for aluminum dice. So sad. So… sad.

            Blah blah blah. Blah.

          • kaelstra

            I love the concept of Kickstarter, however, what I’m not a fan of is huge companies using it to get a product out “sooner” or to get extra money in their hands faster by “pre-selling” the product to people. That just doesn’t seem like it’s in the spirit of Kickstarter-which to me always felt like it was supposed to be a way for “the little guys” to get their ideas funded and out there.

          • Soulfinger

            Technically, these “huge” game companies are “the little guys”. For example, a manufacturer with 1k employees earning an annual profit of $20 million is what Republicans have in mind when they talk about helping “small businesses.” Most game companies are substantially smaller with a very slim operating budget. One bad product can put them out of business. The Sim City CCG, for example, nearly sunk Mayfair Games right around when they were first bringing Settlers to the US market. You can still buy a case of 6,048 Sim City cards from the “On Special” section of their website for $108, which is 90% off retail.

            So, it is great that a one-man enterprise like Adam Poots can make it big in the gaming world through KS. It’s great that aspiring designers can learn their life lessons from less realized products, to put it politely, like “Corpse Hammer” or “Zombies: the New Plague” before they bankrupt themselves, like in the old days. However, I am also happy that established companies can release a new product, lock in their initial sales, and make a cogent operating plan that doesn’t put them out of business because they put their budget into a great game but overestimated the sales figures, like in the old days. Take a look at the history of West End Games for an example.

  • darkendlight

    If you have time it is worth going through and reading the progression of messages from some of the guys who contributed and the scammers.

    • kaelstra

      Absolutely this. The guy outright lies, back pedals, and accuses people of harassing him. He insists he has been working on “his design (the dice)” for a year and a half, and when someone points out the other dice have been around since 2008, he accuses them of stealing his idea somehow. It’s kind of hilarious watching him get so indignant.