Free Polemos FPW expansions posted

Baccus have posted two free expansions for their Polemos Franco-Prussian War rules.

From their website:

I am afraid that the relentless succession of wargames shows has taken its toll on our normally efficient mail order service. I am afraid that some delays to mail orders will be inevitable. Please bear with us over the next few days. We will be back on top of things by the end of next week.

If your are sitting around twiddling your thumbs and thinking of things to do while the package arrives, can I suggest some reading material in the form of our new supplements to the Franco Prussian War rules. Compiled by Peter Riley, DeutscherKrieg and BruderKrieg enable you to refight the 1866 campaigns using the Polemos FPW rules

These are free pdf downloads and are packed full of information. As well as the necessary conversion tables and rules, both sets include OBs for all the armies, including the smaller German nations and the forces fighting in Italy, army generators and scenarios. At the price, unbeatable value!