Free gifts join free shipping campaign for laser-cut buildings from Deep-Cut Studio

Deep-Cut Studio is adding to their free shipping event with a little gift for all you good little gamer girls and gamer boys.

From the announcement:

We are glad you are enjoying free EU shipping of your purchases at our webshop, but want to give you even more! How about free gifts? Let the Cthulhu Fridge Rudolph into your hearts, into your home and onto your fridge. We will include this nice magnet-pet with every purchase until the end of holiday season or while supplies last so hurry up!

  • Soulfinger

    Probably just me, but I am actually getting more tired of Cthulhu everything than I am zombie everything. Twenty years ago, it seemed very clever to have a Cthulhu themed knick-knack. Nowadays, it’s too mainstream for the angsty teenager that my overweight middle-aged self consumed at some point in the distant past. Let me know when there is a Yog-Sothoth reindeer or something though. That’s still fresh.

  • Piston Honda

    I’m tired of the lets turn everything into steampunk trend.

    iPad? let’s make it steampunk.

    Gameboy? let’s make it steampunk.

    toothbrush? lets make it steampunk.

    fork, knife and spoon? let’s make it steampunk.

    I like steampunk, but it is a bit excessive, and in some cases, not practical even in the setting.