Free book downloads from Dream Pod 9 for Heavy Gear Blitz

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Jun 28th, 2012

Dream Pod 9 has a pair of their books for Heavy Gear Blitz up for free download on their website. What reason is there to not check it out?

From the update:

Dream Pod 9 is launching it’s Summer Blitz Event! Today we are announcing free eBooks of our Heavy Gear Blitz core rules as well as reduced prices on other eBooks and bundles from DriveThru RPG. Check back over the next two weeks as we’ll be announcing additional offers on books and miniatures.

To kick it off, everyone can try the Heavy Gear Blitz rules for free!

You can download the Heavy Gear Blitz Field Manual: Core Rulebook Revised and the Heavy Gear Blitz! Locked and Loaded eBooks for FREE on DriveThru RPG this summer. The Field Manual is the most up-to-date rule set for Heavy Gear Blitz. Locked & Loaded includes background information and setting details as well as current army briefings for the North, South, and Peace River factions. Both eBooks are full color and contain a wealth of artwork and photographs of miniatures.

All you need to play the game now are some Heavy Gear Blitz Miniatures and a few friends.

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  • Even free these rules aren’t very accessible. The Field Manual is actually an updated Locked and Loaded rulebook with updated unit stats. The Locked and Loaded rulebook would only be used for unit costs of certain armies.

    Why DP9 didn’t just redo the rulebook – call it rulebook 2.0 or whatever – and get on with it, I don’t know. Instead, they’ve got a rulebook, a rulebook that corrects the old rulebook (that’s still in print and ready to buy) and various army books that no longer agree with the Field Guide.

    They just don’t want to admit it takes alot of effort – too much really – to play the game with correct stats. A disorganized mess no matter how well you like the game.

    • cannondaddy

      I didn’t find it confusing at all! The Field Manuel has all the rules for playing the game. Eighteen pages, if I remember correctly, covering all the rule mechanics plus some pages explaining scenarios and weapon abilities. I think Gear Garage works fine for army building. The only reason you can sometimes have restricted upgrades is because there are virtually unlimited possible combinations.

  • Durandal

    Why do that when they are gearing up to release new versions of the army list? Spending all that time and money to re-layout L&L again when they are going to be pushing out Field Manuals in the same style as Perfect Storm would be a great way to piss people off.

    L&L is currently the Terra Nova army list book and the Field Manual is the core ruleset. They will be releasing new-style army lists in the coming months/years that will obviate the L&L rulebook entirely.

    Remember that they aren’t done tweaking the core rules yet (the Field Manual is the beginning, the army books bring updated point systems and army list creation and there are still more changes to come). Reprinting L&L 1.2 would be a waste of time in the current environment.

    So right now you need to reference a corebook and an army book. This is the same as any game with a core+armybook distribution method. If you want to talk about rules diaspora then look a Full Thrust with its four core books and online-only update.

    I think you are really blowing how complicated this is out of proportion. The Field Manual is the core and L&L is the army list. Just the same as a CEF player or Black Talon player is using the Field Manual and Return to Cat’s Eye. The Field Manual only requires other books for army lists (which are getting replaced). Either way you look at it releasing the two books for free is a great move (especially for new CEF, Caprice and Black Talon players, since the main confusion for them was some were picking up L&L and RtCE when only needing the latter).

    This is a great solution while they transition to new-style lists and it doesn’t leave out players with hard-copy versions of L&L since they can grab a free copy of the Field Manual. That is something your reprint would do at this stage, screw over the guy with a hard copy. And that isn’t something DP9 really want to do since L&L was only reprinted in its current form a few years ago. Either way you look at it the Field Manual is a better plan for a stop gap until they are ready to roll out a real reprint in a year or two. And releasing it for free is the way to not screw over people who only had a hard copy (they should have done it much earlier). Sorry, not seeing where your outrage comes from.

  • Calling it outrage is a bit OTT – but I think you’ve proved my point by what you’ve written above. I’m a pretty invested miniature gamer in many systems. Right after I bought L&L, the Field Manual came out. OK, so my colour L&L is now out of date, and I need a new army book (stats) because so much changed.

    Remember, there are a ton of errata, and FAQ’d unit point costs and equipment loadouts that changed in the middle of all this.

    Also – all this is a stop-gap for future printings? How am I supposed to know that when I bought any of this? Robert didn’t say so when I was plopping down $200 dollars for minis and books. He also never said that everything was being redone. HG Blitz has been around for YEARS – why aren’t the rules cohesive by now?

    And putting together an army list isn’t exactly intuitive either. They suggest you use Gear Garage which happily allows you to make an illegal list. With patience it’s all workable – I sorted through it. But for newcomers – it’s a circuitous mess.

    • Grindar

      GW was selling 5th edition books pretty much right til 6th edition came out…do you think they apologized to anyone who bought the book a week too early?

      What the new field guide did was take all of the experimental rule changes that have been published in the magazines, clean them up, and integrated them into the core set, and made some other adjustments to streamline…it needed done. Heaven forbid they need time to rework the armies and build books around them (and if you’ve gotten the nucoal one you know they’re doing a bangup job and making sure the armies have gazillions of options).

  • wildger

    First goodie: Northen Task Force deal