Four Wars of the Roses decal sets from CitadelSix

CitadelSix Custom Design have released four new War of the Roses decal sets.

From their announcement:

CitadelSix Custom Design has just released the first four water-slide decal sets to fit a popular range of 28mm Wars of the Roses miniatures.

The four decal sets are for Lancastrian forces and each set consists of between 100-180* livery badges for the front and back of infantry figures, plus two livery banner left and right hand sides.

* The number of livery badges in a set will vary according to the physical shape and size of the badges.

The first four sets are as follows:

  • Set 1: The Earl of Oxford and the Earl of Devon.
  • Set 2: The Duke of Somerset and Sir Andrew Trollop.
  • Set 3: The Duke of Exeter and Lord Clifford.
  • Set 4: The Duke of Buckingham and the Earl of Shrewsbury.

Further sets will be produced for both Lancastrian and Yorkist forces, and will be announced in due course when available.
Each set will be priced at £5.00, plus £2.00

1st class postage for the UK or Airmal Small Packet rates for international orders. The sets will be posted up on the CitadelSix website shortly, and can be ordered by sending an e-mail to:

Only payments by PayPal can be accepted.