Four new Knight Titan Size bases in the Dragon Forge Store

By Polar_Bear
In Modelling
Mar 19th, 2014

Dragon Forge has some new bases available for all of your Knights you’ve been buying up.


From the announcement:

I’ve now added the first four large oval bases sculpted in the new large oval base size for the new Knight Titans to my web store.

These bases measure 168 mm x 106 mm in size.

Ancient Ruins, Desert Wasteland, Sanctuary and Urban Rubble are the first four bases done.

They are now available for order.

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  • rastamann

    This new nomenclature irks me to no end. There is NO such thing as a knight titan

    • 4tonmantis

      Not according to the GW Release..
      I feel the same way but GW has a history of stomping all over their own pre-established backstory and IP..

      • Soulfinger

        Stomped flat like this base . . . so very like this base.

      • rastamann

        For all their faults, this time they’re not to blame – they haven’t called it a Titan in the website or the magazines. Can’t speak for the actual books, as I haven’t read those, though, but I sincerely doubt they called it a titan even there.

          • rastamann

            Oh dear :O …

          • Thanks!

            I think the discussion of what the model is called is now over. Feel free to discuss the product I worked hard to create since I have had non stop emails and requests for the new bases for the new Knight Titan models.

          • 4tonmantis

            You work too hard man, relax a bit and have fun. Nobody said “OMG THAT”S HORRIBLE” so the base is good for those who need it 🙂

            PS, Glad to see my order finally shipped, I’ve been eagerly awaiting my Wesley Snipes conversion 😛

  • rastamann

    I apologize for derailing the comments. They really are nice bases!