Four new episodes of ReaperMinisTV now available

ReaperMinisTV have added four new episodes to their YouTube channel.

From their announcement:

We have four new episodes of ReaperMinisTV to start off October. You can see all of them (plus any old episodes that you might have missed) at

In 039 we take a look at new releases from the P65 line (Dire Crocodile, Pillar of Good and Pillar of Evil), the Pathfinder (Valeros version 2, Chammandy Drovenge, Pugwampis) line, and Dark Heaven Legends (Ardellen and Bregol Jagstone, both rangers).

For 040 we start off with a look at Dead Man’s Chest (Dark Heaven Legends) then some preliminary info on a new Warlord army that I’m building (Razig) and then on to some new Chronoscope (Mega-Mutant, Stillwater, and Sandwoman) minis and finishing up with some new Warlord figs (Kaya the Reaper and a Barbarian Spearthrower).

In episode 041 we have a whole bunch of Warlord reviews (Erdolliel Saerwen, Kragmarr Guard, Rune Warrior, Konrad Graniteheart, Kashia, and Torg the Orc Tundra Stalker Sergeant) and some Dark Heaven Legends (Collin Coalshadow and an Exotic Idol) figs to look at.

And then in 042 we get an update on the new Razig army I’m building and then have some reviews of a few large minis (Fire Giant King and Deathspinner Spider).

Hope you enjoy.
Mark, RMTV