Four-Color Studios’ Bug Warriors are now available at The Thrifty Wargamer

The Thrifty Wargamer now has Four-Color Studios’ Bug Warriors. You can’t find them anywhere else, so stop trying.


From the release:

Four-Color Studios’ Bug Warriors are now available at The Thrifty Wargamer! This pack contains enough pieces to make two unique figures. The Bug Warriors were sculpted by industry veteran Bob Naismith and would fit perfectly in any fantasy wargame or RPG.
The Bug Warrior packs are $12.00

  • I really like that!

  • Thank you! It’s a pretty great set of figures and we’ve got more to come!

  • 4tonmantis

    Wait.. Thrifty Wargamer is a store stocking these but Four-Color makes them.. but now Thrifty is carrying them? Is this a licensing thing or did we just get a stock notification as a news article?

  • You can put your pitchfork away; this is not a stock notification.

    “You can’t find them anywhere else…”

    We are the only ones releasing and carrying these figures. We have partnered with Four-Color Studios, so you will see more releases like this, through Thrifty Wargamer.



    • 4tonmantis

      @Enrico – I wasn’t trying to be all angry and stuff, the “can’t find them” comment just sounded like a sales pitch.. like they’re hard to find or whatever. If you notice in the talk section I am actually compiling a list of insect warrior guys for a future project so I am particularly interested ;P

      • Cool! I couldn’t see your full list on the forum, but if you’re looking for insect warriors these should fit the bill. Contact me if you need more info:

        I don’t know what genre you are planning on playing, but I think these guys would work great with some sci-fi pistol swaps as well. Hmmmm? Might be a good idea for a new arm set actually. (No promises. I literally just thought of that.)

        On that note, if I can plug someone else’s stuff too, Acheson’s Wormic Warriors are awesome! Catepillars with rayguns, what could be better?

        • 4tonmantis

          I am not 100% sure what direction I want to go. I write rules for stuff but I also am always keen to find other uses for things. At this point it’s “I want to build an insect army” and as I fill it in I’ll figure out what it will be. I’ve leaned towards “counts as Eldar” to use as a Tau ally in 40k but have also considered a homebrew army list for Warpath. Mantic has a line that came out with Deadzone that is somewhat insect-y too.. and it has jetbike type things..

          Back to this particular product.. These guys strike me as a tad bulky and would likely fit into something of an elite or specialized unit (heavier armor and stronger stats but smaller unit size possibly).
          I hope you consider doing the following with them.. melee, short range, long range, and some exotic weapons to boot. If not, I can understand, but the flexibility would be very helpful in finding a home for the bodies.
          If you’re open to feedback on the ones above.. I like the disc thing but the knife thing is a little too “human”.. I would love something that seems more natural or at least more alien (ie a mantis type claw or a weird pincer.. really anything). I am a concept artist and would love to collab with you in fleshing this out if you’re serious about it.

          • Thanks for the feedback. I like your ideas. Right now the kit comes with 9 unique arms. New sets of arms would be possible in the future, but it will depend on how demand is for the current kit. These are definitely geared towards sword & sorcery fantasy, but I could see them with a set of sci-fi arms and it being cool (very Barsoom like). We have some more figures on the way, but revisiting this at some point would be great.