Four Color Studios announces development of Ghosts of Hefei for Goalsystem

Four Color Studios wanted it to be known that they’re working on Ghosts of Hefei, a Goalsystem expansion to The Department.

From the announcement:

The Four Color Studios team is very pleased to announce the development of Ghosts of Hefei, the newest Goalsystem book and sequel to The Department: Noir Investigation Skirmish. Ghost of Hefei is a skirmish game set in near-future China. Players control a handful of figures, fighting each other to steal fabricants (humanoid robot workers) from the heart of China’s industrial might.

Ghosts of Hefei is fully compatible with The Department, and will allow players to pit criminal gangs from Hefei against agents of the People’s Beureau of Fabricants. The game will feature a 28mm miniatures line, but will also include rules for 15mm play.

We’ll be launching a Kickstarter drive to fund the development of the rules and miniatures in a week, but we wanted to give you a chance to look at the website and see what the game is all about.

  • Cherno

    Great news, this game has a lot to offer and I’m glad to see it explored via an official expansion 🙂

  • pigasuspig

    Its kind of unfortunate that this cool-looking game set in near-future China is completely inaccessible from China, since all the pages are on Blogspot or something similar. But that’s what proxies are for . . .

    Anyway, the text in the propaganda poster is probably wrong. It is written in traditional characters, which have never been used in the mainland PRC. It should be in simplified.

    I would email such a petty nitpick privately but, as I said, that is impossible from here.

  • Awesome news. The Department is a very rich and fulfilling environment. Matter of fact, It’s so well done that it’s much more dependent on future releases, can’t wait for this and many more to follow.