Four A preview Sea Daemons

By tgn_admin
In Fantasy
Jan 31st, 2011

Four A Miniatures have posted a photo of some 28mm Sea Daemon figures they will soon have available for sale.

Sea Daemons

From their announcement:

These are some of the new releases that will be for sale on Sunday at the Vapnartak show in York.

Three new Sea Demon warriors sculpted by Paul Muller.

  • Tor Gaming

    They are sweet, ugly little buggers!!!

  • Haibane


  • These little guys look great but I can’t seem to navigate their website for a better look.

  • ScoutII

    Yah – the website is pretty basic. They posted a larger picture over on Warseer though.

  • ferk

    great personality!
    I can see these guys swarming up a anchor line.