Foundry release Undead range

Wargames Foundry have released a new range of 28mm Undead figures.

Grimreapers Skeleton Regiment

From their announcement:

You may have noticed we sneaked out the start of one of our new ranges. We had been holding off the release of the new Undead range until the new website and we just couldn’t wait any longer.

Foundry Fantasy Regiments
Since we started producing fantasy models, we always intended to sell our Orcs, Goblins and Elves in regiments but we never got round to doing so until now. Also we thought it was a great way to start off our new Undead Range, with three new regiments available now.

Every Foundry Fantasy Regiment contains; a champion or leader model, a standard bearer, a musician, and thirteen to seventeen warriors.

Watch out for lots of new exciting Fantasy Regiments to come out in the near future.