Foundry add Uddanesh Lungbellows & The Mighty Fart-Horn

Uddanesh Lungbellows & The Mighty Fart-HornWargames Foundry have released Uddanesh Lungbellows & The Mighty Fart-Horn.

From their announcement:
The Uddanesh Lungbellows and his Mighty Fart-Horn is a premium collectors model, the shear amount of detail is almost unbelievable. This model would make a great centre piece to any Orc Army, or look stunning in any collector’s cabinet.

Amazingly, Uddanesh Lungbellows only comes as a four part kit, requiring much less assembly than you might expect. However this does make this model more challenging for our casters and their screams of frustration are sometimes as loud as the strange noises which bellow out of the mighty fart horn itself, or perhaps even form the helpless dwarf victim.