Foundry add Orc Stone Thrower and Goblin Crew

Wargames Foundry have added a fantasy Orc Stone Thrower to their online store.

Orc Stone Thrower

From their announcement:

BSGOB007 – Furrozek Filthfingers Stone Thrower and Goblin Crew (Orc and Goblin War Machine Fantasy Models : single pack)

Model Size – 28mm, (but the stone thrower is massive)

Furrozek Filthfingers is an Orc who has one thing on his mind, causing as much destruction as possible.

No body knows were he got hold of such a complicated war machine, but he has tweaked his war machine to cause as more damage as possible. His poor old down trodden crew live in fear, for if they don’t perform well, Furrozek uses one of his goblin crew as ammunition.