Foundations 2 Kickstarter Campaign Running Now

Forge Prints is back, back again. They’re running a new Kickstarter campaign for some more dungeon accessories, tokens, and fantasy creatures with which you can decorate your table, help keep track of things in your games, and eat your adventurers.

The pieces made during the Kickstarter will be 3D printed in full color. So yeah, you don’t even need to paint them when you get them. They’re already in whatever color you choose. So whatever sort of objective markers or bases or other things you might need, check out the campaign. It’s already over its funding goal (which to be fair, was pretty low, but still, they’ve funded so you know you’re backing a successful campaign) and are working on to stretch goals.

The campaign is set to run for another 25 days.


  • David Miles

    I have bases and a few other items from Foundations 1, and I am very satisfied with the products. I got the neutral white versions. They take primer and paint well, and pinning and gluing to them is a breeze.
    As a matter of fact, I’m working with a few of them right now. I’m basing my Thornfall Alliance on the neutral white lipped river bases, which I’m painting up as a dried river bed/wasteland scheme.