Forward Operating Base: Kiris Perimeter Fence and Energy Bridge posted

CorSec Engineering’s has posted up a new stretch goal for their Forward Operating Base Kickstarter: the perimeter fence and energy bridge.


From the update:

FOB: Kiris is in the home stretch now and we have decided to unlock the available stretch goals. We have also added new reward levels for a 2′ by 2′ perimeter fence set and a 3′ by 3′ perimeter fence with two towers.

  • maestro

    I’m confused how this is labelled a stretch goal since, with 6 days to go, Corvis are only just over a quarter of the way to their minimum goal? (Mainly because, sorry to be blunt, those buildings look awful).

    • maestro

      *CorSec, not Corvis!

      • Fixed that.
        I was scheduling those late at night just before bed. Seems I should’ve left that one for the morning.

  • jedijon

    The ramps on the energy bridge look fairly nice. The yellow chevrons are an ink – so they create some see-through and depth as they’re painted. The rusty ink wash coming down the ramp is excellent, although entirely symmetrical on each side of both ramps [and there’s nothing on the ramp to rust…it’s an ‘energy bridge’, so I’m not sure what’s supposed to have stain it], but they look pretty. In fact, the construction looks nice also – on this 1 item.