Forward Kommander updated

The Forward Kommander Warmachine and Hordes army construction tool has been updated.

From their website:

In between demanding RL stuff, I got this fix in for you guys, enjoy! And please let me know any problems.

  • To much sorting arrows for jackmarshalling weapon attachments
  • Multiple warcasters seems to be broken
  • New models:
    • Exemplar Errant Seneschal
    • Vassal Mechanik
    • Statyxis Blood Hag (Unit not there)
    • Bane thrall Officer & Standard
  • Tier problems:
    • Lord Commander Stryker’s theme army is incorrect. It decreases PC of StormCLADs by one, not Storm LANCEs. The same mistake is present in T4 – it requires two Stormclads, not two units of Storm Lances.
    • Siege tiers – Trencher Infantry and Trencher Commandos get the -1 bonus, not Rangers.
    • Karchev’s tiers don’t allow Behemoth. He should be allowed.
    • Karchev tier 3 only requires one unit of Greylords, you have it requiring two.
    • Vlad Tier 4 requires only Berzerkers and Drago to be valid, you have Marauder listed.
    • I Believe Winter Guard weapon crews count as “Winter Guard units” for Sorscha’s tiers, but they aren’t showing up as such.