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Thread: What's the best money for value fantasy starter set?

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    What's the best money for value fantasy starter set?

    What's the best dollar for value fantasy starter set? Is it Warhammer? Kings of War? or something else? I'm trying to find something that will truly give me and a friend enough variety to play a few games before feeling like we need to expand.

    I'd take suggestions on sci-fi too but really I'll probably get more re-usability out of fantasy figs in my RPG games.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    By far and away...unless you want it tomorrow. In which case, it would still be Mantic - just you would be looking at their website instead.

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    If your main goal is to buy one box, and by value you mean number of figures, then probably Kings of War.

    I prefer Song of Blades and Heroes, but it does not have its own line of miniatures. It is made to use any miniatures you want and uses fewer figures than any of the games you mention. Those factors combine to mean that you can get a complete game for two for much less than the cost of any of those starter sets.

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    I would have to agree with timlillig about Song of Blades and Heroes. If you already have any miniatures or plan to get some, it uses whatever you want. You could have space marines fighting D&D plastic demons and orcs if you wanted. You stat up the units and customize them as you see fit, and all of this is very, very quick to do. Some people have scoffed at its ease of play, but after playing it a few times, it has become my system of choice.

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    Confrontation: Age of Ragnarok is selling on eBay right now for $13. It's an out of print game, but that's still a lot of bang for your bucks, and it's inevitable that someone will release a new edition. All of the unit boxes sell for pennies on the dollar as well.

    The Mordheim rulebook costs all of $0.00. You just download for free on GW's website. A couple box sets from Wargames Factory or the Perry brothers, for example, would give you enough figures for 4 players on the cheap. This is also the very cheapest route for buying into GW, as a single Skaven box is just about all you need for an entire warband. This is also the way to go if you want minis that are good for both tabletop wargaming and role playing. Very character driven.

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    I started Hordes of the Things, Warmaster, and (small-scale) Kings of War with the Battle of Five Armies box set. If you like 10mm, you get an insane number of figures (Hope you like Goblins . . . ). Depending on system:
    * Two Warmaster armies (Goblin and Allies), around 1000 points each.
    * 3 to 5 Hordes of the Things armies (Easy way: Elves, Goblins with Options, and Men+Dwarves; you could probably push the Goblins to be two armies with no real trouble, and probably split Men and Dwarves by adding eagles, Beorn, and lots of characters. For example: Men + Beorn + Gandalf + Bard is an army, Dwarves + 2 heroes + 2 eagles is an army)
    * At least two solid Kings of War armies, plus lots of options. Elves alone are about 1200 points; Eagles counting as dragon riders makes for even more. Men and Dwarves are more like allied contingents. Goblins are an absurd number of points, off the top of my head, maybe 2500 points. One inch --> one cm.

    Kings of War is my choice now, though always in 10mm.

    You can see lots of painted BoFA at my blog, .

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