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Thread: paint set and videos

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    paint set and videos

    Any feedback on a paint set that's not too expensive (under $50) and video series whether that be Dvd or online that really teaches you how to paint?

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    Army Painter? I've never used 'em, though. I've used their sprays to good effect (one went on a little too thick for my taste, but generally I like 'em). I mostly use Coat D'Arms, Citadel, and P3 paints.

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    Try miniature mentor.

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    i realy like this forum its so nice.
    We offer best quality HP2-E58 dumps for practice.For more information see Washington University in St. Louis page or California State University, Fresno website and Youtube or Facebook best of luck.

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    I second Coat D'Arms, which you can get for $1.50 a bottle from Brookhurst Hobbies. They used to be Games Workshop's paint supplier many years back. Their yellows are very thin though. Maybe get a GW Foundation or Reaper MSP HD for those.

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