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Thread: 6mm Napoleonic

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    6mm Napoleonic

    Hey me and my friends wnated to get into 6mm napoleonics and was wodnring if anyone can recommend a rules set? we want to do tournament style gaming with a points system and preferably it would cover all musket era but can jsut cover napoleonic. Thanks

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    Depends what level you want to play at.
    Assuming you will be using some sort of base with X figures on it, what do you want that base to represent?


    As Napoleonics is historical most rules avoid points systems as they assume you will be re-fighting actual battles with pre-defined armies.
    However there is a set of rules that are Napoleonic flavour and do have points, but they are not accurate historical rules.
    More as I say Napoleonic flavoured that look right.

    Think of them as a set of rules for playing 'Sharpe' style games.


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