Fortify your defense line with this new bunker

Urban Construct has released their new Type R677 bunker terrain piece over in their webshop.


From the release:

Urban Construct announce their new D-Day range of antitank bunkers. The 28mm resin models cover a series of bunkers that formed part of the Atlantic Wall.

Shown here, type R677 was located in many positions along the coast including at Omaha Beach where it was used to house the fearsome 88mm PAK43/41 towed anti tank gun. The first of this type was completed in March 1943 and was designed for enfilade fire with a 2metre thick wall protecting its embrasure from the sea. It was in fact nearly impossible to penetrate the concrete as it offered protection from naval guns up to 200mm. However, some destroyers sailed as close as 800m to the shore to get a direct shot through the embrasure, which is also how some were eventually knocked out by tanks. This type of bunker can also be used to represent actions at the Merville Battery, Pointe du Hoc and St. Marcouf Battery (Utah).

This series of bunkers will be on display and available at Salute 2014. We will be at stand TF03 and we would be pleased to see you there. Pre-order the bunkers or tobruks to avoid disappointment at the show.
See more details and photos on our website.