Forgeworld posts up two new awesome previews

By Polar_Bear
In 40K
Mar 23rd, 2012

The first is a new Rapier Laser Destroyer. The crewmen for this are a really cool and different look for the marines.

Also, I think the new Minotaurs chapter heroes are just… wow. I should pick some up. Those would look awesome painted up nice and sitting in a display case, even if you don’t play Marines.

So without further ado:

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  • cama

    You know, those Minotaur heroes are really good. Nice to see FW doing some good.

    • BaconSlayer

      Really? The details are nice, but those poses and drapery on the cloaks are pretty bad. The Terminator’s weight is canted so far forward, it looks like he is on the verge of falling over. The Chaplain looks like he is either scared or playing keep away with his storm bolter/crozius.

  • When I saw them I thought they had commissioned Scibor.. The proportions are not the normal fare and to me seem more akin to the aforementioned artists’ stylings.

    • Soulfinger

      I was thinking the exact same thing, although “commissioned” wasn’t what popped to mind.

      • I was attempting to be diplomatic to avoid the new management from accusing me of GW hate..

  • Zombie_Taco

    I should not be surprised that I was not the only who thought this. Some may like that style of sculpting – your better than that forgeworld – hope it is not a new trend.

    • Zombie_Taco

      oops I meant to reply to the Scribor comments – My comment seemed incomplete and hanging there.

      Love Forgeworld (never buy it) but was disappointed in these sculpts and hope it does not reflect a trend into lazy sculpting from a company who has superb models.

      • Soulfinger

        Looking at their latest releases there is certainly a trend toward inferior product. These may resemble Scibor sculpts but they don’t look half as good to me. However, I expect that someone somewhere dropped a brick in his pants when he saw these and put in an order for a dozen.

  • Bobofreak

    Sculpts are great, very dynamic. I disagree with the scared and off balance comments and will hold judgment on the cloaks until I see more pictures or the actual model.