Forge World taking pre-orders for Scimitar Jetbikes and Typhon tanks

Forge World previewed these a bit back for Games Day, but now they’re taking pre-orders for the Scimitar pattern Jetbikes and Typhon superheavy tanks.

From the update:

This week we’re excited to release three more kits for our Horus heresy range. The Space Marine Legion Jetbike, Jetbike Squadron, and Typhon Heavy Siege Tank are all now available to pre-order. It’s Games Day France on Sunday 28th October, so we’ve got an events reminder for you as well.

  • Borzag

    Those bikers compensating for something? 😉

    • Veritas

      I think they look like flying cannoli personally.

      • AccessDenied

        ‘Atsa wot I was-a t’inkin’.

  • lordofexcess

    Those bikes look kinda cool, but I think I’ll buy the pirated eastern European variants for a lower price (because I can order them through a third party at a discount here in the US, avoiding the high shipping, terrible exchange rates, etc. etc.).

    Really all of forgeworld I never pay any attention to. Living in the western US I don’t have access to a gamesday and the nearest battlebunker store is like 1200 miles away, thanks to GWs no-online sales at all of their stuff rules … it is just such a pain to get forgeworld at a discount that I don’t even pay attention to any of it.
    Not to mention, seriously, gigantic wads of cash for a historical 40k army. Seriously?? I would much rather but a HISTORICAL army lol if I was going to play historics, I’ll break out my romans, or my ACW stuff. But thanks GW for having models in army lists that you refuse to produce, yet gobs of random stuff being churned out over at FW for all the guys who are actually addicted to your products to the point that they buy anything you produce.