Forge World releases Realm of Battle Zone Mortalis Set

Forge World releases the new Realm of Battle Zone Mortalis Set to their online store.

From their website:

The Realm of Battle Zone Mortalis Set contains all four of the Zone Mortalis individual tiles, allowing for a huge range of possible corridor arrangements covering a total area of 2′ x 2′ (600mm x 600mm). Alpha Complex, Beta Complex, Delta Complex and Gamma Complex are each 1′ x 1′ (300mm x 300mm) tiles that are fully compatible and interchangeable with each other. These detailed hollow resin tiles, designed by Blake Spence, are perfect for playing games using the Zone Mortalis Warhammer 40,000 Expansion rules, which are available to download here.

The Zone Mortalis tiles use hollow resin, which allows us to produce highly detailed, light and very durable scenery pieces. Due to the casting process of this material, it is sometimes possible to find small air bubbles on these terrain pieces. These are easy to fill as our Working with Resin guide explains. Blast doors shown in some images will be available soon. Figures shown in some images for illustration purposes only. The last image shown to illustrate how expandable the set is.

  • cannondaddy

    Anybody want to loan me $856. I’d like to do a 4’x6′ table.

    • The price is insane but the product is really nice!

  • Tommygun

    Great board.
    If they can do that in plastic for half that price, then maybe.

  • supervike

    An obvious application of these would be Space Hulk, but for some reason GW chooses to ignore that market. They have an odd business sense.

  • Cherno

    Yeah I wondered about the incompatibility to Space Hulk too, but then I realized that Space Hulk is not supported by them, being a limited edition and all, so that makes sense.

    That the price would be sky-high just comes with something that bears the name Forgeworld 😉

    If there would actually be any way these could be used with non-40K stuff more people would buy it, but with that gothic arches-and-skulls-look I wonder if we will see any more of this besied pretty pictures in White Dwarf.

  • Kane

    what makes it incompatible with Space Hulk?

    • Cherno

      It is obviously based on a 2×2 tile footprint with no single-tile halls and 3×3 rooms Space Hulk scenarios are mainly consist of.

  • They’re trying to find a way to make the game actually cost 40k..

    Also.. this might have more to do with Mantic and GW wanting a legal bar against the Grim Cargo game or whatever it is that Mantic’s putting out.

  • Kane

    How can that block Grim Cargo?

  • Kane

    Is that £90 for the 4 tiles shown in the advert or £90 per tile (may be a stupid question where GW is concerned but humour me)

  • mechaace

    It’s £90 for those four tiles shown, though given that it only gives you a 2′ x 2′ board, it could work out pretty expensive.

    And I have no idea how GW could raise anyform of complaint against Grim Cargo. I’m pretty sure they can’t copywrite the idea of shooting aliens in a spaceship.

    • They will try though.

      Also.. I was actually referring to the type of game that it is. If they chuck theirs out fast enough they can claim that theirs was on the market first therefore, Mantic is blah blah blah..
      It doesn’t have to make sense for GW to do it. They’ve proven it to us time and again.

  • masterclassterrain

    I want to paint this !!!